How it Works

Its really very simple and FREE ...

  1. Register yourself as a User [Member] using your ZA ID as UserName.
  2. Log-on to the Registry site.
  3. Go to "My Bike & I" menu list ... Click on the "My Bikes" option.
  4. Add a Bike using your Bike's Serial Number [Frame Number or VIN] as reference.
  5. You may add as many Bikes as desired.

... for a full list of what we have built into the Registry please check out Site Features ... 



1. As per our Privacy Policy, no Member information is shared with anyone unless explicitly so desired by the Member. We make an exception with Stolen Bikes ... Stolen Bike information [not Member contact details] is made public on the Stolen Bike List for obvious reasons.

2. We do not send out any Newsletters or Reminders to our Members. Our Member's privacy is deeply respected.