Site Features

The National Bicycle Registry site has two major sections, a Public and Registered Users.

Creating an account within the ‘login’ box takes your status to Registered User. Registration is FREE. Your South African ID number will be your Username.

As is custom you will be asked to go through a verification process for security reasons. Registered Users have access to the core of the Registry i.e. registration and management of their bicycle/s data. Most Bike management features may be accessed via the Action Buttons displayed on the My Bike menu link.

These include : ADD BIKE : You can add as many bikes under you Username as you wish. Each addition allows for one photograph upload. Information required covers all the basic identification attributes of your Bike.

'CERTIFICATE' in PDF : You can send to an email address of your choice a summary of your bike's details including characteristics and maintenance log in PDF format.

EDIT BIKE : Bike data may be Edited ... Bike identification attributes which cannot be changed without fundamentally changing the Bike may not be edited. You may edit Colour, Group Set, Bike Kit, Other Descriptors and Photo. Please note that when "Editing" a photo i.e. a new photo upload, please use a photo with a new file name.

MAINTENANCE LOG : Your Bike maintenance or component additions can be logged. Over time this log can be used like any vehicle service book. It will also be transferred with the Bike when Transferred within the Registry to a new owner . This log will be an additional help when it comes to having to identify your Bike.

DELETE BIKE : Bikes cannot be ‘deleted’ off the system in the true sense but can be Scrapped or made unrecoverable after theft or sale to a new owner. This removes the Bike and its Maintenance log from your Bike list. The Registry will keep the basic Bike data on archive for future referencing if needed.

STOLEN : You can list your Bike as stolen. When reported stolen the Bike data will remain on your Bike list but its Status will show as Stolen. In such a case basic Bike [only] data will be made available to the public and law enforcement officials. On submitting a Stolen Bike Report, emails will be sent to various bike shops and dealers around the country for reference. In a case where the Bike is recovered, please contact the Registry in order to re-set the Bike status to Active.

TRANSFER : This feature allows the Bike to be Transferred to a new owner who should first be registered with the Bicycle Registry. Most Bike aspects are private i.e. for Registered Users only. The Public domain features include the Stolen Bike list. The Stolen Bike list displays Bikes that have been stolen and reported via the Registry. This information is available to the general public and law enforcement agencies inland and on our borders.

We hope the above gives some insight.

Please feel free to navigate the site. Your feedback via the Contact Us page will be most appreciated.