Serial Number Tags

Alu TagIf after an exhaustive search you cannot find the VIN [Serial Number] on your bike … and the manufacturers have not been able to assist … the Registry can generate a unique VIN for you. Please Contact Us in such a case.

This VIN is applied onto an aluminium, iodized tag with laser etched VIN number approx. 2 x 3.5cm in dimension.

The Alu tag should be applied in one of the standard visible locations. This location should be pre-allocated during registration. To be effective the Alu tag security marking must be clearly visible to all i.e. advertise that the bike is security marked and allow easy access to the VIN.

The Alu tag is applied by removing the backing, activating the adhesive with a light brush of pure acetone [NOT nail-polish remover!], allowed to air for a 2 seconds then firmly press to the frame surface. Hold until set. If the tag is to be applied on a curved surface, ensure that the tag is 'shaped' prior to removing the backing. 

Important! As precaution the National Bicycle Registry strongly recommends you approach your bike shop and/or bike manufacturer for assistance in applying the unique tag to your bike frame … this precaution due to the fact that frame materials vary among bikes. Your bike mechanic will be able to inform you if the tag will interfere with your bike frame's integrity. If this may be the case, please Contact Us.